Cocos2D Development

Web Animation India is a pioneer Cocos2D Development Company based in India. Web Animation India offers complete solution for all in Cocos2D Development Services. At Web Animation India, we have a team of developers having in-depth knowledge and expertise in Cocos2D Development. Our dedicated developers serve clients onshore and offshore. Web Animation India offers affordable, client centric and highest quality services to clients.

Cocos2D is an Open Source 2D Gaming Framework. The original Cocos2d Framework is written in Python language but since then it has been ported to other languages and platforms. Cocos2d-X Framework is used with various mobile OS like iOS, Android, Windows mobile, Blackberry, Linux, Bada, Marmalade etc.

Cocos2D-iPhone is an Objective-C port for iOS and Mac OS X with the same design and concepts as the original framework. The API comes integrated with Box2D and Chipmunk physics engines. It is used to develop many games on the App Store. The key benefit of using the Cocos2D Framework for iPhone is both are written in objective-C, a super set language of C. Main benefits of using the Cocos2D Framework are, simple to use and has advantage of backward compatibility. Screen Management support the screen transition with animation. Screen replacement and model view operation in CCDirector which is major thing of a Cocos2d Engine. Effects and Action supports different effects. As Cocos2D is build upon the open GL and 3D View, it supports the orbit camera, scaling with spawn action which brings the features of 3D prospective. It supports the iPhone build in features such as Accelerometer, Compass, and Camera with native API calling to handle these sensors.

Features of Cocos2d Framework

  • Transitions between scenes and scene management
  • Sprites and Sprite Sheets
  • Ripple Waves, Liquid, Lens, Twirl, and other effects.
  • Rotate, Scale, Jump, Move and other actions
  • Sequence, Spawn, Repeat, Reverse and many more actions
  • Ease Actions like Exp, Sin, Cubic, etc.
  • Misc actions such as CallFunc, Orbit Camera
  • Basic menus and buttons
  • Integrated physics engine Particle system
  • Tile map support and Texture support
  • Open GL support recognition
  • Touch and Sensor support

At Web Animation India, we offer best quality, user-friendly and tailor made Smartphone mobile apps to our global clientele. Web Animation India develops advanced Smartphone apps according to the ever changing market demands. We have rich experience in Smartphone Apps Development using Cocos2D Framework. We have developed matchless mobile apps using Cocos2D Framework. Our developers use Cocos2D Framework to offer best gaming solutions to our clients. Using this framework, astonishing animation, scene management and transition have been created.

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