Mobile Cross Platform Development

Web Animation India is a Pioneer Mobile Cross Platform Development Company based in India. Web Animation India offers Mobile Cross Platform Development Services to clients onshore and offshore. The team of Mobile Developers at Web Animation India has many years of rich experience in Mobile Cross Platform Development. Our Mobile Cross Platform Developers offer affordable and bug-free mobile apps in quick time. Our expert Cross Platform Mobile Developers can design and develop robust mobile apps using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. We create inventive and unique Cross Platform Mobile Apps using PhoneGap, Appcelerator Titanium and MoSync.

The competitions between the different mobile operating systems are rising every day. In this competitive situation, opting for a Mobile App Development committed to particular mobile OS can no longer prove to be a wise decision. In the end, your business lack to reach most of its customers and it affects your profit.


PhoneGap is open source, cross platform for Mobile App Development that allows mobile developers to build hybrid applications for all major mobile devices by using HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3. Our PhoneGap App Development Services offer you the apps solutions for different mobile OS including iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Bada, webOS, and Symbian.

Titanium Appcelerator

Titanium Appcelerator is gaining popularity very rapidly in Cross Platform Mobile App Development. Titanium Appcelerator is a Cross platform to develop Smart Phone, Tablet and Desktop apps using web technologies. Titanium is developed by Appcelerator Inc. to Support iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows, Linux based Mobile Apps and iPad based tablet apps. Titanium Mobile is web based app framework which allows web developers to get fast results. There have been over 50,246 Apps shipped to the app stores built with Titanium.


Combining the C++, JavaScript and HTML5, MoSync is an SDK which allows developers to design and develop rich, cross platform compatible solutions for iOS, Android and many other mobile devices. There are many other open source frameworks which are widely used by the developers to create unique apps. These Apps are compatible with other mobile devices and can be integrated well with their features like camera, sound and graphics. These platforms allow developers to write and deploy the app codes across different mobile OS.


Unity is a Cross Platform Game Engine and IDE developed by Unity Technologies, targeting Web, Desktop, TV and Mobile Phones. Unity is written in C++, JavaScript, Boo, C# languages. Mobile Game Developers choose Unity to create high end games quickly with low cost and effort. Unity is a powerful Mobile Game Development System. Unity 4 has features like real-time shadows, dynamic fonts, and deep documentation. It takes mobile game development to new level. Unity was one of the first game engines to support the iOS. Unity supports iOS and Android OS and many other.


Corona is a cross platform that creates Apps for iPhone and Android. Corona is the very flexible for iPhone and Android development. Corona is a cross platform tool, so you can create the code once and easily create on both iPhone and android version of the same App. Using Corona means less coding compare to developer SDK. Corona SDK is based on a language called LUA which is very simple to learn compared to C language or Java. Developing Apps using Corona has advantage of prewritten code which carries out specific functions like moving graphics, web accessing, accessing sound file, GPS, camera and manipulating the UI.

Advantage of Cross-Platform Mobile Development

  • Allows access to various smart-phones OS.
  • Integration with the native features of the device.
  • Time and cost saving
  • Can do more platform specific things on the device than its default browser
  • Quick testing and deployment
  • One code for all the platforms
  • Most of them are open source with lot of plugins and community support.

Offshore Mobile Cross Platform Development at Web Animation India

Our Mobile Cross Platform Designers and Developers are having wide experience in developing Mobile Cross Platform Development. We have State-of-the-art Mobile Cross Platform Development Lab at Web Animation India. Our dedicated developers have years of deep experience and zeal on Mobile Cross Platform Development. You can hire expert Developer from us at affordable rate. You can hire dedicated developer at hourly, daily and monthly basis or on project basis. You can also hire them on full time / part time basis. Call us now for free quote!!